Our Dogs

King Border Collies believes in conscientious breeding to improve bloodlines.  We are dedicated to creating the best working dogs and believe in training methods that build trust and nurture loyalty.

Our Studs

DOB: 11/12/16
ABC# 450928
Buddy's Pedigree
Buddy is a superrrr nice, strong male with tons of work and ability on cows. Buddy's puppies are all showing a lot of promise starting and working on cattle.

DOB: 9/16/15 
ABC# 428592
Dirk's Pedigree
Dirk is a very nice large male and he's throwing large puppies.  He's a very easy going dog that has a super temperament while hanging out.  Works cattle very quietly, but also bites like an alligator when he needs to.

DOB: 11/27/03
ABC# 249470
Gus's Pedigree
Gus is deceased.  He was a strong dog who loved working cows on the ranch.

King's JD
DOB: 8/01/00
ABC# 191379
JD's Pedigree
JD is deceased.  He possessed the hard hitting mentality and stamina that the McCallum Line is noted for.  JD has siblings all over the country with his bloodlines.  He is known to anyone that works cattle and his legacies will live on.