For Sale

  All below are SOLD  
"Ace" - SOLD
Ace is as pretty as it gets.  Very very strong young (one year old) male that has the grit and work ethic that it takes for the herding dogs to work cattle.  Out of Buddy and Spur's daughter
  "Bo" - SOLD
Super nice male puppy.  Four months old and showing a great deal of work ethic.  All nature herding.
Click here to see a video of Chase
"Sis" - SOLD
1 1/2 year old female out of Buddy and TP.  Starting sanction on goats and doing very well. 
"Chase" - SOLD
2 year old male short hair.  Started, will be good on stockers, easy to train.  When he gets older with more miles he could be a cow/calf dog.
"Mack" - SOLD
13 week old male out of Buddy and Cinch.  Tons of drive, already showing interest in livestock.  Very bold puppy. 
"Roo" -SOLD
 2 year old
male. Just have not had the time to work him. Will make a great 2nd dog with Red, who is for sale also. Will make great deal for both.
"Red" - SOLD
Red is a tall dog that would make a great 2nd dog. He is out of a son of Spur and sister of Hoss.

Puppy - SOLD
10wks.  Hoss x Cinch. Started on goats.  

"Spot" - SOLD
Spot is 8 months old.  Gus x Red sister.  Just starting on goats.
"Jr" - SOLD
7 month old started on goats, shows bite on both ends. Nice young large male off Pearl and Hoss
"Hoss" - SOLD
4 year old large male that is working cows and cow/calf pair. He has been used in working dog demos.
"Bella" - SOLD
4 year old red and white female, good second dog on cows
"Ann" - SOLD
6 month old large female started on goats, showing great herding instinct.  Very good natured.
"Reese" - SOLD
2 year old red and white large male, started on cows; head dog on cows. Quiet and easy to get along with.
"Bob" - SOLD
14 month old
male off Jenny and Spur
"Tri" - SOLD
15 month old
male off Pete and Eve
"Metta" - SOLD
1 year old
female off Hot and Colt
"Duck" - SOLD
1 year old
 male off Hot and Colt
"Two" - SOLD
1 yr old
male off Hot and JD
"Jr." - SOLD
10 month old
male off Jenn and JD

"Rick" - SOLD
1 year old
male off Jenn and JD
"Ted" - SOLD
male off Hot and Gus

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